Benefits Of Prunes Small Fruit Rich In Nutrients

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Prunes or what some people call them It is a fruit that comes from baking or drying fresh plums. In addition to being delicious Eating prunes helps us get a variety of nutrients that are good for our health at the same time.

Helps lose weight : One of the fruits that can help you lose weight effectively is prunes. Did you know that 1 small prune provides only 23 kilocalories of energy. It also has soluble fiber. Helps the body feel full for a long time. Therefore, it helps reduce the urge to eat little things.

Relieve menstrual pain : Prunes are rich in iron. Therefore helps synthesize hemoglobin in red blood. and increase blood in the body Therefore, during menstruation of girls Eating prunes can help reduce menstrual pain.

Nourish the skin to be radiant : Prunes are rich in iron. Helps make our skin bright. Radiant naturally

Nourish your hair to be strong : If anyone is having problems with hair breaking and falling out. It is recommend that you should give importance to eating prunes often. Because it is rich in zinc and copper minerals. which is a nutrient that is very important to the hair Helps make hair strong, black, shiny and helps hair become naturally thick. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Helps delay aging : Prunes are rich in vitamin C. which stimulates the creation of collagen under the skin. It also has other types of antioxidants. that helps slow down the body’s processes Therefore causing the body to age more slowly. It also helps prevent wrinkles on the face.

Prevent osteoporosis : When the body enters menopause This is a time when the body is at risk for osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommend to eat prunes often. Because this fruit is consider a source of boron and potassium. which is a nutrient that helps build strong bones You should eat 6-10 prunes a day to help prevent osteoporosis.

Prevent breast cancer : Prunes are full of antioxidants. Therefore, it helps prevent cancer very well. Especially breast cancer This is because the polyphenols that are rich in prunes have the ability to effectively suppress breast cancer cells.

Nourish pregnancy : For pregnant mothers who have problems with anemia It is recommend that eating prunes will help prevent this condition. This is because prunes are consider a source of iron that helps build red blood cells. It also helps relieve constipation. Joint pain, tingling, and depression in pregnant mothers can also occur.