Ancelotti points out three points to increase his confidence to win the title.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has pointed out that the 4-1 victory over Real Socia in La Liga on Saturday night boosted their confidence in the football club’s title role. even more champions

         Three points in this game make “White King” picked up 63 points after 27 games, escaping Sevilla to eight points behind the famous Andalusian team, who played first, only drew 0-0 with Alaves. 

         After the win, Ancelotti pointed out that it added more confidence for the team to continue to win the league. Including encouragement UFABET before the war in Europe with Paris Saint-Germain the middle of this week too

         “It was an important game because we had the opportunity to gain an advantage in La Liga,” Ancelotti told Marca. “We understand the importance of competition. And winning gives us a lot of hope.”

         “This is the kind of intensity we need. and the fans love it It can be repeated on Wednesday when we meet PSG.”

         “The fans have more confidence after this game. The idea of ​​going out to the fans in the end came from the players because on Wednesday we need to support them.

Three points against the Basque giants will offer Ancelotti’s side a major. Confidence boost ahead of their crunch Champions League Last 16 second leg against Paris Saint-Germain in midweek.

“It was an important match. Because we had the opportunity to take advantage in La Liga.” as per reports from Marca.

“We understood the importance of the match and the win gives us great hope.

“This is the intensity we need and the fans like it. It can be repeated on Wednesday against PSG.