Arsenal attacked the Watford 3-2, overtaking the ghost at 4.

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Arsenal temporarily rises to 4th place. When they beat Watford 3-2 with Manchester United the original fourth-placed team. Will compete with Manchester City in the latter.

English Premier League Football

Watford 2 – Arsenal 3

Stadium: Vicarage Road

Playing for only 20 seconds, Watford sent the ball into the bottom of the net first when Emmanuel Dennis slipped into the left-hand penalty area and turned his right-footed shot into the far post UFABET. But it’s Dennis’s offside first.

In the 5th minute, Arsenal took the lead 1-0 when Martin Odegaard threw the ball for Bukayo Saka to break through to the starboard and slide into the penalty area. Odegaard caught it before shooting. with the left into the door

But in the 11th minute, Watford equalized 1-1 when Kiko Femenia opened from the right side into the middle, Gucio Hernandez, somersaulting, a bicycle shot past Aaron Ramsdale’s hand. super

In the 18th minute, the artillery had a chance to lead when Thomas Partey had a shot on the left in front of the penalty area. But the ball snagged the pole.

Watford’s counter-attack was terrifying, too, with Moussa Sissoko having sent Dennis out for a shot from the left, but Ramsdale threw it in.

In the 30th minute, the Gunners took the lead again to 2-1 from Tom Cleverley’s mistake. Saka snatched the ball in front of his own penalty area and flowed to Lacazette, caught before nailing the return line. Kaa shoots with the left side of the skull in Tung Net.

In the second half.

52nd minute, the Gunners escaped 3-1 from the competition for a quick stroke, Watford made a pass from Mikel Arteta to collect the ball for Bukayo Saka to throw in a quick throw before the final ball. Arrived at Lacazette, returned to Gabriel Martinelli, struck right from the front of the penalty area, inserted a beautiful net.

Watford had a chance too when Ramsdale’s poor opening kick was intercepted before Joao Pedro hammered Tom Cleverley into a narrow angle, but Ramsdale. I can make amends to cover the corner.

Arsenal still have a better attacking game. and continued to have opportunities This time the ball came from the corner, Ben White took the shot, but went straight, Ben Foster accepted it.

Watford didn’t give up easily, chasing 2-3 in the 87th minute when Hernandez lifted into the box for Moussa Sissoko to swoop into the chest and pull off Ben White’s trick before firing past Ramsde. l A narrow angle enters the door.

The rest of the time, despite the rampant Hornets trying to advance, but the Gunners kept the score at the end of the game, Arsenal defeated Watford 3-2.