Aston Villa stuns Southampton 4-0

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Aston Villa are back on track when opening the house Southampton 4-0 by Philippe Coutinho, both shooting and crossing.

English Premier League Football

Aston Villa 4 – Southampton 0

Stadium: Villa Park

9 minutes into the game. Aston Villa took the lead 1-0 when Danny Ings paid Ollie Watkins a shot right in the box into the net.

Southampton There is a chance to reclaim some in the 16th minute. Armando Broya sent the ball to Stuart Armstrong, dragged to shoot with the left. But the ball does not match the box.

The overall game was also Villa. Which was better than the 31st minute Philippe Coutinho brought the ball up before passing it to UFABET Olli Watkins to chop with the right. But not this time through Fraser Forster.

Until the 44th minute, the defenders escaped 2-0 when Philippe Coutinho played a corner kick to arrive, Douglas Luiz fired from the left to burn the feathers into the goal. Ready for the first half with this score

In the second half, Villa moved to 3-0 in the 52nd minute when a ball from Danny Ings to Philippe Coutinho fired from the right in the box with no left over netting.

Two minutes later, the score was torn to 4-0 from the moment Matty Cash passed the ball to Danny Ings to fire from the right in the penalty area into the goal.

Southampton There is a chance to beat the egg in the 71st minute, when Yan Valery opened for Yan Bednarek to tackle the frame out.

rest period The two teams couldn’t do more as the game ended as Aston Villa thrashed Southampton 4-0.