Mikel Arteta insists the gun look one game at a time to win the top four.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists his teams will look game-by-game for a top-four contender. After defeating Watford 3-2 he moved up to 4th place.

The Spanish chief said “Credit to Watford, they are fighting to survive. They change teams And it’s hard to beat them.”

“We are getting better and better understanding between players. And we could have scored more goals.”

At the same time. Arteta also spoke about taking advantage of the opportunity to collect the ball for the team to throw quickly. And lead to the third goal, saying, “I saw the ball there. and saw an opportunity to take advantage of it. I don’t know if I should do it or not. UFABET But that’s my approach. And I couldn’t resist.”

“I saw them (players) focused on training. and update every day I think they enjoy playing together. And if some days are not the best for you You can manage to win. And that’s what’s important.”

“We have to be honest with ourselves. And our defensive game today was not that good. We let them have a chance. And that’s something we have to work on to fix.”

Finally, Mikel Arteta spoke about the top four contenders. “We are there now. And we’ll look at each game one by one. Every game can be turned upside down, we have three big games coming up in the coming weeks.”