Nagelsmann set to discuss Upa’s problem

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Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann is set to hold a knee. With Dayot Upamecano to help fix a football player error in some moments in the recent draw Leverkusen 1-1.

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann has revealed that. He will be in talks with Dayot Upamecano to correct some of the players’ mistakes in the latest games. Just always Leverkusen 1-1 on Saturday. According to ‘Sport1’ on Sunday. 

Upamecano performed well in the game against Leverkusen Statistically. The French defender completed 90 per cent of the passes. UFABET Win two aerial duels, three of four ground duels and three interceptions. But the 23-year-old made a mistake at some strokes. This made many people who watched the game feel bad. Including Nagelsmann the boss of the Southern Tigers team. 

‘I’ll talk to him and show him the solution, Upa knows he doesn’t have to play back (to Sven Ulreich) there, you have to play easy and clear the ball. Sent to the third line Although it was not a very smart solution at the time.’ Nagelsmann said of the French defender. 

Interesting statistics.

if you look at it superficially. Upamecano looks like a young and tall player. But in fact, this defender has a lot better than this. Upamecano is a high-speed defender. Able to run races with the center in front of the pace quickly and comfortably. even though he is big But with the power to carry a 198-pound body, move and change direction quickly.

RB Leipzig have signed the defender from Red Bull Salzburg. A from the age of 18 only, although Upamecano still has no chance to play. But he was able to prove his form to everyone that he was a diamond. Upamecano consulted former Borussia Dortmund star Ousmane Dembele before deciding to join the Bundesliga. Dembele told him he would definitely get a chance to play in the Bundesliga.