Ralph Rangnick believes in ghost ships if you don’t let the game hang at you.

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick is confident there will be a chance of a win over Manchester City. If they survive the City’s control of the game.

Manchester United are set to host a Manchester derby against Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday 6 March. With City’s 2-0 victory at Old Trafford in November last year. 

Ralph Rangnick the Red Devils coach said before the game that “On paper, City are the favorites. But the competition is not settled on paper. But it happened in the field.”

“I believe we can win this game if we create the moments UFABET where we create chances for ourselves. But the most important thing is that we don’t let them control the game like they did in November.”

“We have to play as tight as possible. Must play as a team as much as possible. It’s a challenge for us. We will have opportunities in the game where we have to chase the ball. But it doesn’t happen all the time.”

Rangnick is regarded as one of the developers of the system of play. And is also regarded as a manager with a team philosophy. Clear has the ability to systematize and develop players’ potential. He is also considered an influential figure in the development of the team management skills of several coaches, including Anst Huffle, Arrico Sacchi and Zdenjek Zeman and is also the Trained the role models of many famous German managers such as Tomas Tückl , Julian Nagelsmann , Ralph Hasenhüttl and Jurgen Klopp.